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Contact us and we will send you a Registration Form to learn more about your enquiry. Our service is personalised to your needs and we treat all students as individuals.

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Most schools that we work with are co-educational (boys and girls) but there are also schools only for girls or just for boys. Many schools offer a mixed Sixth Form even if other year groups are single sex. 

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estudioUK has been set up to meet the demand from students wishing to improve English through total immersion – by studying at school in the UK for a term or an academic  year. We can also organise permanent placements in schools including studying at sixth form level (16-18 years).  estudioUK is based in Surrey, England.

estudioUK offers a personalised matching service to ensure that the student is placed in a school that suits them. Your child’s happiness at school in England is key and should be a positive time – both educationally and culturally. If the school is the right fit for the student, then the pupil will grow in confidence and independence – gaining important life skills as well as linguistic ones. We do not believe in ‘brokering’ where the best deal is the main criteria.

estudioUK works with carefully selected independent schools, to offer students a memorable experience, to study English in England.  Improved language skills, increased confidence and independence build essential life-skills that stay with a student for many years.  

How we work ...

We spend time getting to know the needs of the individual student in order to place them in a suitable school. Level of English, interests and personality will all be considered. Our service is personalised to your needs and we treat all students as individuals. We generally place students for one term or one full academic year (starting in September).